I am what you left behind



Journey through pain

Have you ever felt pain? Pain



that takes the wind from your lungs, brings you to your knees and puts the fire out in your soul? Pain is a necessary element in this journey of growth and evolution. Like gravity, its an unrelenting force that can control your flight if you let it. You can fly or you can crash into the jagged cliffs that are so close below you. I’ve felt so much pain in this life and it’s unlikely I’ll ever know a life without it. I’m learning to let my wings open again and I’m ready to take on the world! I use to see my purpose here as one of a healer, a visionary, a poet. I’m finding my way back again and it starts with opening my favorite books-spilling into the words written by prophets ill never meet, immersing myself into yoga, my stability and my anchor, writing and knowing full well what my truths are, cooking-letting food heal and tantalize like I know it can. Finding one self or creating anew the person you’d like to be is an art and a challenging feat.


Set the tone. This life, oh, its one of those stories, filled with chaos and adventure. I live for truth and for light. We are all made of the same galactic particles of stardust. Its time to act like the light beings we are! Its time to heal one another, love one another, feel each others pain so that we may all live in the light. A boddhisvatta is someone who withdraws from reaching enlightenment so that they may bring their community to that beautiful place. Ive had pain in my life but im starting to be able to breathe again and im ready to help this world.